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i'm all talk

a senior thesis exhibition by Heather Grace | march 2018 | princeton, nj

Images thanks to Kathleen Ma

The original poster (left) that I designed for the show featured the title "i'm all talk." As the opening approached, I began to worry that the title undermined the seriousness of the show's content, and designed the second poster (middle) with an assertive, female POV in mind. The third image (right) was created soon after, and all three designs were circulated for the show's publicity.

when cultural references fall flat 

i don't know how to write poetry without rhyming everything like an idiot 

black feet white feet

one fish two fish 

confounding situations 

fixity and flux

one of those national smart kid events

rearranging kittens

eating a day-old salad at 10pm

red starbursts are better than pink ones. there I said it

stranja danja


cruisin' for a bruisin'

phone throwing fit i saw that 

actress, actor, actoe

fiat means something too

finally i can be a podcast person

how the hell do you pronounce jammin crepes anyways

why do birds sing in the morning

does anyone else kind of hate bananas?

i wish it was cool to dance like joe cocker 

taquitos of sin

girl singing madonna on the J train YOU GO GIRL

i'm gonna look like keith richards in like three years 

box of pink chalk next to an apple


drowning out Donald Trump's voice with Destiny's Child makes him a little more bearable 

sometimes mushrooms grow out of the sides of piles of stuff   

(Powerpoint-made video shown on TV cart, though it was very difficult to watch in real life on account of it was nearly blinding and very flickery)

Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 10:16 am

hey does anyone remember when the 

constitution was written??? it was way back when SLAVERY was considered just fine and there was SURE AS HELL no such thing as gender equality or

y’all remember when the constitution was written??? back when slavery was A-OKAY and no one gave a shit about anyone else, so if you have to maybe re-evaluate a couple things in that bad boy, and just kinda check that it’s up-to-date with our way of American life over 200 years later then you just GO RIGHT AHEAD 

haha hey guys remember 1787? 

well remember how that was a LONG ASS TIME AGO and so maybe we could change some things 

OKAY SO WHERE’S YOUR MILITIA? you’d rather have your big ol hunting guns and god knows what else to kill some hairy pigs so that mentally not-so-sane Rob down the street can have just as good a chance of buying one at Walmart, too, and then when he shoots up another school because someone didn’t like his essay on the 2nd amendment, it’ll be alright cuz you’ll just go kill some more pigs that weekend and pat your buddy Doug on the back for being equally committed to your idiotic infatuation with weaponry

ANY OF YOU LOVELIES REMEMBER when over the summer between our junior and senior year just a week after arts camp we all woke up planning to go to the beach when we saw that the SWAT team was on our high school campus and we didn’t know why until we knew that one of the janitors had shot and killed two other janitors somewhere behind the cafeteria 

we planted a tree for both the janitors Ted Orama, 56 and Christopher Marshall, 48 but not Javier Burgos the one who fled to rural Colombia after he shot and killed the others and then when he was arrested four years later in 2017 we all shared the article on Facebook saying “what a relief” 

and hey remember the next year in high school when two students a brother and sister were shot dead by their mother it was in the morning on an odd day and I was in 1st period AP Lit and I wasn’t late for once and I remember the sinking feeling I got when I read the notification on my phone that there was a double homicide just down the street and i knew it was one of us maybe two

around noon we found out that the answer was two 

and then when we held the memorial everyone was out front of the school and we cried and cried and the band teachers cried and their dad was there and he cried and then two years later Daniel our fucking class president is out here Facebook commenting that maybe if there were more guns around during WWII for the Jews to protect themselves with then the Holocaust could have been prevented. you just can’t wrap your head around an idiocy that phat

i’m sorry but if we can’t get on the same page with respect to gun safety then where in the hizzle are your pages in relation to mine

i love referring to groups of 3 things as “the trifecta”

mispronouncing posterization and then saying “wait what’s the milk one”

they’re pitching down on market square 

i always turn down the brightness on my computer when I have to use cuz it’s kind of embarrassing

i drink heineken when i’m sad but maybe i should switch to bud light limes

just let me know when you want me to play silent night on the piano using 3 keys 

tellin it like it ain’t 

my mom referencing the i’ll have what she’s having scene from when harry met sally while we’re at restaurants is too frequent for comfort

freudian sips

if you wanna know what gets me through the day it’s not a man and it’s not job security it’s these chocolate covered caramels right here

i have mega temperature sensitivity

my dad and i love bay gulls

it’s sixty DEGREES the sun is SHINING!

frick ya into submission 

i can eat dried cherries like it’s nobody’s business 

the amount of time i spend painting white paper white is a little redonk 

to “should have already done” list

watch out world, i just read a book about nutrition 

okay answer me this are people really out here honey roasting our peanuts or are they just sprinkling them with some miscellaneous ‘honey powder’ because they get pretty damn powdery for something that isn’t very powdery at all to begin with

toasting the bread for my pb&j sandwich is as close as i’ll ever get to gourmet 

creating a nice blend of classy and trashy since 1996

bill or george, any damn thing but sue 

my bitmoji is a lot saucier than i am 

look i might be obsessed with joaquin phoenix but it’s not like we have to talk about it 

i hate the taste of coated paper you get in your mouth when you drink water out of those coated paper conical cups 

me too???

not tueday satan

i just cut up my banana with an xacto knife 

i do have a sueter 

the end

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